Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fashion,Society and Trends

In an era of complete revolution,gone are the days where a reporter had to carry notepads and hurriedly take down notes in shorthand, now the trend has taken a turn towards mobiles. Almost as if discovering a potent new aphrodisiac,SMS has become the preferred medium of communication between courting couples and the upwardly mobile. An incredible one crore messages are being flashed across india every single day, threatening to make the telephone an extinct species. For a majority of India's one hundred million cell phone users, it is the best thing since slice bread.

Fusion food has become the favourite receipe of chefs and restaurateurs.From pulavs to pizzas, everything has witnessed a change. Junk food has been and is still the most preferred item. The recent craze has moved towards "Ready to cook and eat" the work gets over in five minutes. A recent survey conducted by the Food Organization,London brings out the fact that children between the ages 12-16 are obese due to their habit of eating junk food while watching television. The government banned the advertisements of junk food items on television, the prime influence. And now,these concerns are finding Indian markets. The obsession with aerated soft drinks has also been on the rise, notwithstanding the consequences.

From flat screen plasma television to music systems that look like they were designed by NASA, the consumer couldn't have asked for more. Mobile phones retain their allure with the introduction of Multi Media Services(MMS) adding a new dimension to hand-held communication. Status seckers with deep pockets are also spoilt with the varied automative choice. If there is an antidote to the pressures of modern life, retail therapy provides it in full life. However, this therapy doesn't work for everybody. With the fast-changing trends, new moralities are ofcourse the great need of the hour


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